Ama Nyekundu Bracelet

This bracelet is a statement without talking.


Bold but light as a feather is this piece and it will turn into your favorite bracelet in no time! 

Vibrant red coral beads are combined with strong stainless steel wire and rubber.


Diameter rubber 0,31″ (0,8cm),

 Sizes available: 2,3″ (6cm) or 2,7″ (7cm)


Available also with blue lapis beads.

Product Nr: AT1/B

Any small imperfections are not to
be considered a defect but a value that certifies the authenticity of the craftsmanship.

Product of Germany




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Ama Nyekundu 1
Ama Nyekundu 2
Ama Nyekundu
Ama Tatu Nyekundu