Casual Fun mit CreatsUniques

Why wait for that one special occasion
to wear your CreatsUniques jewelry?

Wear it every day!

"Osisi na Kuni"
"Maganda O'Tele"
"Pembe na Lulu" und "Maganda na Eri"
"Siki na'Abu"
"Talmi na Kuni"
"Siki na'Abu" und "Kashi na'Abu"
"Lilin da Ganda"
"Kuni na Dahab"

Travel Fun mit CreatsUniques

CreatsUniques Statement necklaces
are made for global travellers!
If you don’t want to do without
your favorite jewelry on your travels,
take a CreatsUniques piece along!

Although all CreatsUniques necklaces
are lightweight,
especially so are those from the
Travel Style Collection.

"Talmi na Goolu" in Kapstadt
"Lilin da Ganda" in San Francisco
"Kashi da'Abu" in Montreal
"Iri na Waya" in Irland
"Sisu da Kashi" in S├╝dafrika
"Iri na Kengele" in Thailand
"Lulu na Bepa" in Kapstadt
"Harashi na Seat" in Los Angeles
"Kashi na Fata in San Jose
"Kashi na Lulu" in Los Angeles
"Sisu Mytila" in San Francisco
"Shaba na Goolu" in San Diego