The snap of the pliers. The soft whirring of the wire.
The click of the beads when I look for a specific one.
Sounds that I hear every day, sounds that are as familiar to me as good friends
and which I never want to miss.

There are those moments when I feel that tingling sensation.
When I stand in one of the many small manufactories
I have discovered all over the world, and I am overwhelmed by the variety
and beauty of the handmade beads, just waiting to be handpicked by me
and then transferred into vigorous pieces of jewelry.

When I talk to the dealer I have been buying from
since I discovered his shop and who turned into a friend,
haggling as always, then I can already see the finished piece of jewelry
in front of me and I can hardly wait to get started.

My heart beats for big and expressive statement jewelry.
I love to experiment with different materials, to transform them
with my hands, to embellish them
and to combine them with stainless steel, wire and rubber.

I name all my pieces because each one has grown dear to me
and is as individual as the woman who is going to own it.


Heike Hutmacher