My Collections

From Japanese Rice Paper with hand written calligraphy to Graffiti printed in various colors and handcrafted beads made of various sources, my collections delve into materials to celebrate their essence. 

They are combined in ways that create interesting texture, color, form and are made to boost any outfit with unique and sophisticated designs, 

Try me Asia 

Waves that break the surface of the sea, and ephemeral natural forms find expression in my Try me Asia Collection, where I sculpt, fold, layer, crease, and rip my handmade paper into organic shapes to create Neckpieces and Earrings.

Try me Asia

Try me Asia earrings

Try me Asia Pendant

Try me Asia Neckpiece

Try me Asia Neckpiece


Graffiti white

Graffiti whitek Neckpiece

Graffiti black Earrings

Graffiti white Earrings

Graffiti black Neckpiece

Graffiti black Arm Ornament

Graffiti embraces the poetry of weathered imperfection in ripped, abraded and refined  paper, a process I developed to make it durable and water resistent, 


Drawn from the powerful shapes of organic architecture the stainless steel wires on  rubber are an interplay of line, light and color that juxtaposes the softness of handmade paper shades in combination with handcrafted ceramic or glass beads.


Neckpieces, Earrings, Brooches and Arm Ornaments emerge in numerous unique and dramatic styles.


Wood is one of the most known and used sustainable materials, which I love to work with, to shape, smooth and adorn with handwritten Calligraphy, Graffiti and handmade beads.


Each piece is arranged by hand with care and accuracy. As a natural material small imperfections and differences from one piece to the next are to be considered as a value that certifies it’s authentic and uniqueness.

Wood be Asia Arm Ornament

Wood be Precious Earrings

Wood be Asia Neckpiece

Wood be Precious Arm Ornament


Wooly black Earrings

Wooly Dangles Earrings

Wooly black Earrings

Why Knot Wool Arm Ornament

Felted wool balls, artfully made by hand in Germany from local wool are an expression of timeless form and come in various sizes and colors.


Arranged on finest stainless steel wire the designs are very light weight, 


Creating Jewelry pieces with them throws new light on a beautifully sustainable material, that is usually rather used for clothing.  

Rubber Knots

Handcrafted beads, made of ceramic and glass in various shades and colors add this irresistible touch of drama to each piece of the Rubber Knots Collection.



Finest stainless steel wire supports and balances each knotted ornament to perfection with the beads to top the scale and extremely light weight but powerful designs emerge.


Have Knot Neckpiece

Will Knot Neckpiece

Must Knot Neckpiece

Have Knot Arm Ornament

Will Knot Arm Ornament